Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zombie Apocolypse Response Team T-Shirts

I couldn't resist making a couple of fun shirts for my older kids for Halloween this week.I saw a similar shirt on pinterest and knew I had to make one using the Artistry font as the letters are easy to weed with their solid insides. 

I used Cricut Flex Iron On for these - it is a very stretchy kind of vinyl so that once it put it on an item, it should flex with it and hopefully stay on nicely.  Seriously a pain in the butt to weed though because it doesn't cut quite as cleanly as the other vinyl and you have to pull it off where it sticks and stretches.  It took two sets of hands to weed the yellow shirt and I had to do the green one on my own.
I'll let you know once I start washing and drying the items how things stay on.  I'm planning on washing inside out and probably air drying first and then try drying in the dryer. They really were a blast to make so I hope they stay on!  I have lots of ideas for Christmas presents this year if they do!


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