Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I'm in LOVE with Artfully Sent - Cutting page 1!

I knew our Artfully Sent cartridge would be worth the wait and when I got it into my hot little hands Monday I decided the best way to showcase this cartridge was to cut all the cards from just ONE page.  So that is what I did yesterday!  After several hours of crafty work (such a hard chore - LOL!) I finished all 8 cards that you can make from just ONE of the FIFTY pages in this cart!  (Artwork is at the bottom of the post so be sure to keep going!)

So opening up our cartridge box there are a couple of things right away that tell you its going to be good!
1.  It includes an Overlay specific to the cartridge - no need to worry about a generic overlay.
2.  It includes a detailed picture instruction booklet for putting together all the Pop Up cards!
3.  The handbook is full sized thick booklet which tells you there is a lot of content on the cart (400 complete ready to go projects, 700 images)

Let's check out page 1 of the Artfully Sent handbook to see some of the specifics.
The first thing to notice is that each page is broken down into categories of cards.  Every one of the 50 pages is in the same format so you are getting 50 or 100 of each of these kinds of cards in 25 different themes (50 if two keys make one card like Pop Up and Scene and 100 of Sentiment, Sleeve and Pocket cards where there are two individual cards - one on the key and one on the shift)
Walking through from top to bottom:
1.  Pop Up Cards - an outside and an inner liner with a pop up element.  The Icon button has the extra images associated with the Pop Up card.  Icons can also be used as stand alone elements.
2.  Scene cards - an outside layer and a contrasting front piece that together build a scene.  This key also includes swing cards.  The key plus shift work together to make one card.
3.  Sentiment Cards - There are two cards on each key and have sentiments cut directly into the front for fast and easy cards.
4.  Sleeve Cards - Two cards for each key.  One builds a sleeve/pouch you can then make an insert for with a more open cut or slide a gift card in for the more closed cuts.  The other is an overlay card you can back with various papers to change the looks.
5.  Pocket scrapping cards - there is a 4x6" and a 3x4" card on each page.  These can be used for pocket scrapping (think Picture my Life) or used as fronts you can place on a plain card base for a fast, easy and flat for mailing card.
Looking at this close up, you'll also notice the sizes of  the cuts are indicated..  So on this section of page you can size all your cuts to 7" HIGH (Cricut Cuts are always listed by Height) except for the Sleeve card which is cut at 6".  The large picture shows the inside of the Pop Up card (you can use the icons to decorate the outside too or keep it plain for an extra surprise) and the completed front of the Scene card. Oh and there is that cute font!

There are 50 pages in the booklet laid out this way - so 50 x 8 cards per page = 400 projects ready to push and cut.  You can make them directly as shown or fancy them up.  You'll also get 100 icons to use, a full font in upper and lower case plus envelopes AND liners (YAY!) that you can cut to match your projects. 

In your Artfully Sent bundle you'll also receive 3 full D size stamps ($17.95 each = $53.85) plus a 24 count package of 12x12 White Daisy cardstock ($9.95) which equals $63.80 in extra goodies in your bundle!

Now do you see why I'm in love???  If you are ready to order now you can visit my online shopping site here:

When you order through me I'll also send you a thank you gift in the mail - a sweet little stamp set PLUS a card made with Artfully Sent to get your creative mojo started!

Today I'm going to start sharing my Artfully Sent page 1 cards one style at a time - with Pop Up cards going first because I love them!  As a challenge to myself I've decided to cut ALL the cards in the entire cartridge one page at a time!  This is going to be FUN and its going to use up some of my stash - LOL!  Yes, you NEED this cartridge to use up your stash!

Order your cartridge today at 


Jeanie B said...

Thanks for this explanation of the pages! Great info.

Paige Dolecki said...

You are welcome Jeanie! Its a terrific cartridge and I'm just SO excited to share!


Mary Gunn FUNN said...

Nicely explained, Paiger. Thank you.

Paige Dolecki said...

Thanks Ms. Mary! I bet you are having as much FUNN with this new cart as I am!


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