Thursday, September 19, 2013

Video - How to make CTMH Base and Bling Fabric Necklace

The base and bling Fabric Necklace Kit ($14.95) is very fast and easy to put together and looks fabulous!  I made mine in under 1 hour.  For those of you who are interested but think it looks too difficult, check out this quick video CTMH Corporate did that shows you how to make the two flower types that are on the necklace.

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Here is the necklace I created using my kit. I substituted the For Always textiles in black and white when I created mine to customize for my own wardrobe.  Its a fun project to do in an afternoon and would be a great thing to make with or for a teenage girl.
If you are ready to try your hand at creating your own wearable art, visit my shopping site and pick up a kit or the individual Base and Bling al-la-carte items to make your own!

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