Saturday, July 13, 2013

Studio J Big News - Use it for custom photo processing at a GREAT price!

Big, big news on the Studio J front!  They just updated the software which allows you to do a couple of very important things - you can now add and delete photo wells on their pre-designed layouts AND you can use the blank page layout to create custom sized photo sheets, journaling blocks and even add journaling and digital designs right to your photos!  You HAVE to watch this video (if you get this via e-mail click out to my blog so you can see it) to check out the new ways to use Studio J!

Below is some pricing information on Studio J.  You can get a two page layout for $6.95 which is just $3.50 for a 12x12 sheet of our incredibly high quality processed (not printed) silver-halide developed pages.  You can do panorama shots, tiny 2x2 shots, 6x6", 8x10" prints and so much more.  Silver-halide process is considered the highest standard in photo developing industry with "100-year+ quality".  It has been tested and used by the top photo labs in the world so your pictures will be BEAUTIFUL!  I've had several sets of layouts printed through Studio J and they are always amazing to look at!

Per two-page, custom-printed layout (including JPG files)  $6.95$6.95
Per two-page JPG file only   $2.95$2.95
Shipping per box of up to 50 layouts  $5.95 US$5.95 US / $13.95 CAN
Minimum layouts per order  44

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