Monday, May 6, 2013

Male Teacher Appreciation Gift - Takeout box with paper Fortune Cookies

This week's challenge at Heart2Heart Challenges comes just in time for those of us with school aged kids - create a Teacher Appreciation project!  This year my youngest child has a male teacher who doesn't eat candy and already received a boat load of Starbucks cards for Christmas so I had to really put my thinking cap on to create a project I thought he'd like!

I know my son truly likes his teacher and has learned a lot this year so I wanted to tell him how fortunate we feel to have him for our last year in Elementary school.  I asked my son write six reasons he really likes his teacher on small strips of paper and I created paper fortune cookies and a decorated box to put them in.  I tested them out and to get the messages out you have to snap open the cookie just like a real one - very fun!
I think his teacher will get a kick out of this gift and be touched by how much he is truly appreciated by his student. Here is the same box decorated with a panda bear from the Create a Critter cartridge to show another example.  I like to make two projects at a time, one to use now and one to save for later!
I hope you'll join us at Heart2Heart Challenges this week and create a project for a teacher in your life or anyone who does something that deserves a bit of extra thanks!

Stay crafty my friends!



Okispice said...

Love the Panda one. That is darn cute. I'm sur the teacher really appreciated his.

Paige Dolecki said...

Thanks Okispice! His teacher will get this tomorrow (teacher appreciation is a whole week in our school with something done each day). I'm sure he will like it though!


Kigz said...

This is super-clever, Paige! I love the look of your box, and that you filled it with fortune cookies! :) The panda is adorable!

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