Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clementine Thanks Card

Love this Artiste cut card!  Great for a quick Thank you card.  I cut my card in black CS and then added a panel to the back and some decorative paper to the front.

Thanks for stopping by today and stay crafty my friends!



Casandra Bennett said...

That's the second card today I've seen with Dakota. Beautiful.

Amy said...

I never thought to back that card on another piece of cardstock, very clever!!

Paige Dolecki said...

Amy -

Thanks! It was a serendipity kind of thing as I made this one for my art boards and my artboards are black so the word "thanks" wouldn't show up unless I put something behind it. I do like how it gave the card substance though and helped pop the word.


Paige Dolecki said...

Cassandra -

I think we are all tired of holiday stuff so we are breaking out other paper packs now! LOL!

Hope you had a terrific holiday!



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