Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Customer Carnival Silliness Abounds

It was a whirl wind of work to get ready for the event but I had an absolute BLAST at our Summer Customer Carnival!  So many of my dear friends were able to share the day with me and celebrate the renewal kick-off of my business.  I took a long break (almost a year) from doing events while I worked for my Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and I can't thank enough the wonderful ladies who helped sustain my business while I was so busy and came out to celebrate with me the return to crafty events and parties!

Here are some shots to show you the fun props we used and the Carnival theme throughout my party.
What's a Carnival without a ring-master?  I loved the fun top hat I found on Amazon.  I made the mustaches on a stick with the new Artiste Cartridge.  I don't know why but a mustache on a stick certainly brings out the silly in everyone!
This big clown hat was also an Amazon find.  The lips were from a non-ctmh cartridge but I just couldn't resist them as a foil to the mustaches!
Everyone who came had their picture taken with their choice of hat and stick prop and took home one or both of the props as a little gift.  Love spreading the fun!
My daughter is always such a HUGE help at these events!  She is my cute-o-meter on all my projects, she helps me set up, fetches items for me during the show and in general acts as my right hand.  She's so awesome and super silly!
My two boys love me having parties because of all the FOOD that I have left over!  This is my youngest and you wouldn't think with how skinny he is that he could hoover up cupcakes and cotton candy like there is no tomorrow BUT HE CAN.  
Here is the table with all the beautiful Idea Books laid out for people as they came in the door.
Doesn't the lollipop bouquet look scrumptious?  I think my youngest was practically drooling over this display.
Love my buckets of mustaches and lips!
{Mwha!} Darlings!  Kiss, kiss!
Raffle Prizes!  I had two bags with embellishment assortments and two with alterables and a Wizard up for raffle prizes!  People earned tickets for the raffle with their RSVP, coming on time, bringing a friend, placing orders, signing up for workshops, etc.  Hugs to my lucky winners!
I made all the decorations with the new Cricut Artiste Cartridge!  This is that awesome carousel blown up to cut full size on a page.  Making party decorations is a great way to use up retired colors!
Love the ferris wheel and the hot air balloons on Artiste Cartridge too!
Yummy carnival foods - I had Cracker Jacks, lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes-in-a-cone.
But what is a carnival without cotton candy?  My daughter and I spent two hours getting sugar coated making cotton candy in the afternoon of my party.  I bought a little machine on Amazon for $35 and my kids think its fabulous!  They can't wait to have friends over and try it out with them!
Here is my display of some of the new items like our home decor bracket frame, the new star, our specials of the month and a 3-D item for each of the new paper packs.  Don't worry, I'll be doing close ups of the items and posting on my blog soon!
I set up a little table for my Cricut E2 and let people cut images from either cartridge if they wanted to see something I didn't have on display already.  We made a piece of cake from the new Artiste cartridge that was fabulously cute!
Here is my artwork wall.  I had all of the 12 (8 new and 4 returning) paper packs featured on this wall with projects for each.  Again, I'll be taking individual pictures and sharing those boards I haven't already featured here on my blog.
Even with all the pictures here there are still things I forgot to take a picture of - like the make-and-take we made and all my upcoming workshops!  Duh!  Well at least this time I remembered to take photos before the party and before all the goodies were eaten up!  We all certainly enjoyed the cotton candy!

Thanks so much for sticking with me during this super long post!  To all my local ladies who came out to share the night with me, you girls ROCK!  I hope you all had as much fun as I did and I'm totally looking forward to having classes again so we can see eachother more often!


Mary Gunn FUNN said...

What FUNN!

Amy said...

Looks like fun, thanks for sharing!

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