Friday, April 20, 2012

My heart is breaking for a local family....

Today my daughter came home with some terrible and sad news.  A young man who was in the same grade as her committed suicide last night.  While she didn't know this boy very well, they did have one class together at the beginning of the year.  This is the second teen suicide in our very small community.  Another young man took his life about a year ago.

My heart breaks for the family and friends of this young man.  It seems so incomprehensible that someone with a life ahead of them could decide to end it before its really even begun.  As a parent it just breaks your heart to think of any child living in such despair that suicide seems an answer.  There will probably never be an answer as to why - how can you ever guess another person's deepest thoughts and fears?

The only thing we can do after something as tragic as this is to keep talking to our children and letting them know we support and love them, that there is help for depression, connect them to our communities and keep showing them that each of us can choose a different path.  Each day we are given is an opportunity to change our path, imagine a new reality and create the life we want to lead.  Hold their hand and give them the courage to imagine that new reality.

While I know this isn't the usual posting for my site I felt I needed to share.  Our lives are always so full of things to do and places to go that when something like this happens, it forces us to pause and ponder.  I know I'll take this opportunity to discuss this will all my children over the weekend.  And hug them tight.

Please send out some prayers or good thoughts to invisibly surround this grieving family.  May they find their way through the grief and be granted peace.


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Casandra said...

Paige, that is very sad. My cousin did this 2 years ago shortly before his 21st birthday that he shared with his twin. It devastated the entire family. I was really close to this family in my teen years and felt like a 2nd mother to the 3 kids, babysitting them every weekend for about 4 years. I knew their personalities very well and how to tell which twin was which, while most people could only guess. It was very sad and heartbreaking, but ultimately we have all found peace with it in the last 2 years, though we are still very concerned for his surviving twin brother. They were identical in every way, even sharing bi-polar disorder later in life.

I pray that your community can come together in sympathy and love for this family to help them through a most difficult time. I pray that God will give you the right words when you need them to speak with your children about such a difficult topic. God bless.

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