Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bags, Tags, Boxes and More 2 - Work around for Scoring / Cutting

When I saw the new Bags, Tags, Boxes and More 2 Cricut Cartridge I knew I had to get it.  It has so many of the wonderful shaped boxes that I really love like the christmas cracker box, a milk carton, gable boxes, a onesie box, etc.  Literally 50 boxes that I wanted.  A few of them are cross overs from things I have on the Art Philosophy Cart (my all time favorite that lives in my machine) but most are new ones that I didn't already have.

Well, long story short I was ready to scream when I finally got the scoring housing/blade (an extra $15 on top of the $50 cart my hubby bought me as an anniversary present) that you need to use with it because the SCORE LINES don't LINE UP with the cut lines.  Oh my gosh, so frustrating.  So, after nearly pulling my hair out (its been a bad day - my tendonitis is keeping me from the dojo this week so I'm super stressed out) I figured out how to work around the issue.

Step 1:  On the first mat load your score lines (the shift image) and then set up a second mat and load the full box with cut lines.

Step 2:  Look at the second mat and figure out about where the score lines should fall on the image.

Step 3:  Go back to your 1st mat and adjust where the score lines fall using your tools to move them over and down.

Step 4:  When you think you've got it, do the score lines with the score tool then unload the mat and re-load the same mat, change to the cut blade and cut the 2nd mat directly over the score lines.

So far tonight I've figured these out:
Gable Box (the first image) - place your score lines 2.25" down and .75" over

Milk Carton - seems to work as shown for cutting and scoring one on the mat - I haven't tried doing two on a mat yet.

Daisy Fold Top Box:  Move scoring down by .75"

Cracker:  Move scroring down by .75"

I'm hoping I'll figure out an easier way to do this but for now at least its a bit of a work around.  This cartridge will probably be a breeze if you are proficient with a Gypsy or use the CCR but right now I'm only using my E2.  I hope this is helpful to anyone who is looking at how to use this cartridge!  If you figure out more of the scores for other shapes, please feel free to post the information here to share!  I'll try and put a post together with all the ones I figure out as I go.



Erin said...

Hi Paige,

I just read that if you turn off your material saver on your Expression that solves the score line line-up problem.

Hope that helps?
Erin :)

Marcia said...

I notice this is a pretty old post but I just got my TBBM2 and then discovered all the problems. I have an E2 and I am wondering if anyone has any tips.

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