Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too, too funny...

Just had to share this funny from the mouth of my 9 year old babe today.  We spent Saturday doing some outdoor jobs - mowing, weeding a couple of beds, power washing the back porch and putting up our shade gazebo.  So Sunday after breakfast my husband and I start getting ready for the next round of jobs and we start assigning things to the kids and my grumpy 9 year old (who at this point has ideas of sitting on his bum all day playing video games) chimes in saying we no longer have weekends we only have WORKENDS.

I laughed and laughed!  And then I told him to get cracking on his jobs - LOL!

Sorry to not have any artwork - we've been very busy getting jobs done outside while the sun is finally shining plus I've been sorting, getting rid of things and organizing all the bedrooms in the house and my dreaded overstuffed craft room!  My husband took another huge carload of stuff to Goodwill today and I already have two more big boxes to go next weekend.

I am working on a small gift album right now for a dear friend who is moving soon.  I'll share that soon!  Hope you all had a great weekend or "workend"!



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