Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School report weekend news - LOL....

One of the things my 3rd grader has to do at the start of a new week is to write a small report of "weekend news".  It always seems like the weekends he does something fun they skip doing this writing assignment and on the boring weekends he gets picked to share - LOL.  So, one of the things we've taken to doing is talking about the weekend on Monday morning before school so he knows what to write about.  I had to laugh this morning as he was getting ready for school as we literally cleaned all weekend long.  I had to help him come up with a spin on cleaning that sounded a bit more fun so we called it a "complete re-organization of my personal living space" LOL!

My boys rooms were in sore need of a complete and total sort through and we spent three days touching every single items they own and playing a new game called "Cute, Win, Fail".  They found these videos on You Tube that show clips with those titles and so we adopted it for a good clean out of what stays and what goes.  I was AMAZED at how effective it was at getting them to get rid of stuff FINALLY.  So today I have a living room full of boxes ready for Goodwill and all three kids rooms are looking good - YAY! While it wasn't a fun weekend by any stretch of the imagination it was an incredibly productive weekend for the family so I'm happy with what we did.

I hope you all had a fun OR productive weekend as well!  What did you do?  Were you in the FUN category or the PRODUCTIVE category?



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