Monday, April 11, 2011

CTMH Miracle 14 Layouts and 6 Cards Workshop

To create this set of layouts and cards, purchase the supplies on the list at the end of this post!  If you are local, we will be doing this workshop on Friday, 29th April from 7-10PM.  Orders will be due by Monday, 18th April to get the kits here on time.  You need the WOTG kit ($29.95) PLUS the Stickease ($4.95) - my stamps will be available during the workshop, all other embellishments are at your discretion!  To order, e-mail me at paigedolecki (at) 

Anyone purchasing a Miracle Workshop kit through my website at will receive the Word document I have created that shows how to cut all these layouts at one sitting (it takes about an hour to cut all 7 layouts and card pieces).  All layout patterns are either from the Workshop on the Go Guide or from our Magic how-to scrapbooking book.

Main Layout from the Workshop on the Go Kit

Bonus Layout from the Workshop Guide

Layout #3 Using Stickease and Blue Buttons

Layout #4 Using Stickease and Blue Buttons

Layout #5 From the Idea Book

Layout #6 Based on CTMH Corporate artwork

Layout #7 Using Stickease and Magic book

Cards made with kit - you make 6 cards, 2 each of 3 designs

To Make this Workshop, get the following items:
Miracle Workshop on the Go Kit (makes the first two layouts plus 6 cards)

Additional Items:
Chocolate Alphabet Large (Layout #1 and #2)
Bohemian Alphabet (layout #6)
1.25" CTMH Circle Punch (Layout #5, #6, #7)
1" Circle Punch (Layout #5, #7)
Olive Marker (Layout #7)
Mocha Opaques (Layout #6)

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Jody Gustafson said...

Paige, This workshop is outstanding! I have a blog award for you at my blog. You can go there and receive your award and play along.

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