Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working on my November Studio J layouts...

Between Thanksgiving, a double whammy of sickness at the house AND the kids being off school for snow days and then the holidays the end of November has totally snuck up on me! 

Tonight I've been feverishly working on some Studio J layouts (you know - to get my free shipping this month).  I've got the pictures in and the basics done for two 4th of July layouts and am now working on adding some pizzaz.  I've been playing with making boxes of stitching (see the tutorial I posted here: which makes things SOOO much easier!  I've also been using the auto-line up feature for lines of brads along a ribbon strip too.

I'm hoping to get at least 5-6 done before I order and Monday is CRAZY around here.  I could whip them out if I wasn't having so much fun customizing everything!  So, cross your fingers for me and wish me some digital good luck and I'll be back to show you what I made in a couple of days!


Anonymous said...

Molto buone cose.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would comment and say great theme, did you code it for yourself? Really looks excellent!

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