Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Studio J Layout - 4th of July with Tutorial for making multicolored lines of objects

Phew, I managed to get my Studio J layouts done for November!  Nothing like waiting until the last day of the month, hunh?  I wound up with 6 new layouts (yay me!) and I made an extra copy of my daughter's 14th b'day layouts to put in a book I'm sending to her grandparents for Christmas.  Its so easy to do multiple books when all you have to do is click on a box instead of trying to create a whole extra layout!


This month I had an absolute blast playing with "copy" and "paste" in Studio J to create both lines of stitching (see the boxes above) as well as multicolored lines of brads.  To make sure everything gets evenly spaced, once you have selected your items (use the shift key to select multiple items), a box with several options for lining things up pops up - these will allow you to center your items perfectly both across an area and in relation to eachother.  Very handy little tool!

To get multiple colors of the same type of item, there is a check box that comes up when you select your color - you can choose for each of the same item on a page (like brads in the above layout) to all be the same color OR there is a box to check for "only this item" to be colored as selected.  I chose this box and then created a multi colored line.  After I had my first section of colors, I simply used my shift key to select the line and copy and pasted away to get huge lines of multicolored brads - fun and easy!

I know the pictures in these layouts are very gray and smokey.  It was a drizzly, gray day this past 4th of July and we were setting off smoke bombs so everything came out with a haze.  I was able to brighten up a few pictures by using the Studio J photo editing software.  I really love it for popping the glare off of glasses as well as fixing red-eye! 

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Jean Johnson said...

I saw your comment on the corp BB and I appreciate it! Thank you! I wanted to say that I have a hard time figuring out HOW to post on people's blogs...didn't have the google name until recently :( So, finally am getting with the program and posting! You can always visit my website for my latest creations :) Thanks again!

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