Sunday, November 7, 2010

CTMH Studio J Layouts using CTMH Back Country

Did you know that you can use any of the patterend papers for your journaling and title boxes in CTMH's Studio J?  Here I've used the same plaid paper that is on the bottom in both the title and journaling box but changed the color to a light blue so you could read the text. 

One of the new features that I think is absolutely fabulous is the ability to change the patterend paper to be any of out 60 colors.  I changed the plaid paper to Olive Green on the second layout to give a bit of diversity.  On this layout I also used the Auto Title tool to slap down the line of stickease to spell "family fun".  You can space the title letters as close or as far away from eachother as you want, you can change the size of each letter and with the Auto tool you can line everything up perfectly.  Having lots of fun with that one!  I also used the resizing feature to change the size of the stickease trees. 

I recently saw a layout where another consultant made a different tree (from the Hooligan paper pack) into a HUGE tree that took up half the page.  I am definitely going to play with the resizing feature a bit more and think more outside the box on how BIG I can make certain stickease!

Yesterday I had an absolute blast at the Seattle Close to my Heart Leadershare event hosted by an Executive Director (not my chain but they opened it up to other local consultants).  I had the honor of meeting my 4th upline, Karen Morris, who is just such a nice lady!  We also had three VP's from the company come and give talks about the upcoming Idea Book changes (going to two per year), Studio J and also upcoming corporate events.  I have some artwork from the event that I'll be sharing soon.  I didn't finish all the stamping yet so I'll share it as soon as I've completed it.  It was an exhausting but FUN day full of learning.  I carpooled with another local consultant (Hi Carrie) and really enjoyed getting to know her a bit more as well as meeting some other local girls. 

I have to say that the best part of having this business for the past couple of years is all the wonderful women I've met through doing this - not only the other consultants on the bulletin boards and locally but also all my wonderful friends and customers!  Its been such an enriching experience for me and I also want to thank all you cyber friends who stop by - your visits and comments have meant so much to me and really keep me charged up!

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