Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CTMH Studio J Easter Layout - Tutorial on adding lines of stitching to your layouts

This adorable Easter themed paper pack is one of the paper packs that was developed exclusively for Studio J (there is one new Studio J only pack for each Idea Book release).  I love the sweet vintage feel Easter themed stickease that came with this kit - see those cute little bunnies?  On this layout I did a lot of resizing of stickease as well as layering stickease to create clusters of embellishment.  The egg cluster on the right side page was created by resizing and layering (use push to the back and bring to the front buttons) and the flower scroll on the left side is a scroll with an extra stickease added on top.  I also added two clusters of buttons as well as some stitching which is so easy to do! 

This little tip was taught to me at a Close to my Heart event by the guy who is in charge of Studio J. I was so excited that I told my friend I was sitting with that this tip alone was well worth the fee to attend the event! On the layout above I added just a couple of stitches but now that I know how easy it is to add a whole sections I'll be stitching away on my Studio J layouts from now on!

TUTORIAL for adding lines of stitching to your Studio J Layouts

To add stitching to your Studio J layout simply go to your embellishments tab in the left side options bar and select buttons.  Select whatever size thread and shape thread you would like (we have straight stiches as well as cross stitches).  Then drag that selection to place it on the layout. 

Do you  want to do a whole line of stitching?  Put down two or three of your selected stitches and align them as you'd like.  Use your Ctrl key to select the group by holding down and clicking on each element like you normally do with almost any program. 

Now, look at the top bar above your layout.  There is a menu bar that says "zoom, move, undo, redo, copy, paste, snapping-on".   Select copy and you'll get an identical group of stitches to place on your layout.  You can keep doing the copy feature to get a larger line to quickly go around an entire page or section.  If you have extra stitches hanging over simply remove the excess by clicking on the individual stitches you'd like to remove and putting that element into the trash. 

Isn't that cool?!?!  I'll definitely be doing this on my November order of Studio J layouts!


Jena said...

Thanks so much for sharing that little tip - I recently did a Studio J layout with a row of stitching all across the top, and while it was easier than doing it the traditional way on a real layout, it would have been easier if I'd known this little trick - TFS!

Paige Dolecki said...

Jena -

You're welcome! I'm looking forward to playing with this method to do rows of brads and buttons as well.


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