Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanks card with CTMH Magnifique

This one goes out to all the people who sent me birthday wishes and visited my blog yesterday!  Thank you so much for taking the time to share in my day and making me feel so special!

I had a wonderful 40th birthday!  I started off with a Tae-Kwon-Do class, spent some time with my kids after school then met my hubby in Issaquah for dinner out at Tutta Bella.  If you are looking for really good Neopolitian style pizza, that is definitely the place to go!  The sauce was exactly right and spot on for the NY style pizza of my youth with the nice thin crust and fresh mozzarella that my family prefers.  We topped it off with desert - the kids all got Gellato (Nutella, Lemon and Pumpkin flavored - all were gone if a flash) and Mark and I split a Tiramisu.  The secret to sharing a Tiramisu is to split it with someone who doesn't like it nearly as much as you do - LOL!  After that we stopped by RedBox and picked up Iron Man 2 to watch last night - fun movie!

Mark was a sweetie and picked up two Martial Arts books for my birthday - one on muscle movements and the official forms as taught by an Olympic coach and another one on flexibility training.  The person who wrote the flexibility one also has a book out on doing Martial Arts after 40 so after I read through these I'll see if I can find that one too.  I've also received permission to have fun (aka spend money) at the CKC event that is coming to Seattle in November.  Eliza and I are going to go to the vendor fair part to do a bit of shopping and idea generating.  I've got my eye on a Big Shot Pro that I've been debating for a while now. 

Eliza made me a beautiful necklace and earring set that I'm wearing today and the boys gave me the terrific present of cleaning their rooms last Sunday (nothing says love to me like labor - whether its doing a job or creating something beautiful).  They really did a great job and it took quite a while for them to get it done and they did it without a single complaint!

Thanks again to everyone for making my b'day so special!  BIG HUGS!

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Sheila H said...

Lovely card! I'm glad you had such a nice time on your birthday.

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