Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Call to get a Ticket to Ride for a Happy B'day with CTMH Zippidee and Ticket to Ride

So most of you know how very, very much I adore our Workshop on the Go kits.  They have a Level 2 paper pack (12 sheets of B&T in 6 patterns and 10 assorted cardstock), a coordinating B size stamp set, a full size accessory, a workshop guide which gives you both a scrapbooking workshop AND a cardmaking workshop - and best of all (be still my frugal heart) its all at a discount!  All the kits are just $29.95 - perfect for a one-a-month budget!

Anyways - where I was going with this is that these puppies only last during the Idea Book cycle (right now they are also giving a one month grace period through the end of September for the summer Idea Book workshop kits).  So - if you haven't picked up your set of Zippiddee (card above used the B size stamp from the kit plus leftover papers), Cherry-O, Spelendor or Passages - don't wait any longer!  Click on those linked names and check them out.  Once you try them you'll see why I love them so much!

If you read yesterday's post about how nervous I was before the Black Belt Club boot camp (total butterflies in my tummy - worse than on testing night) then you are probably wondering if I survived.  Thanks to my darling daughter (could I love that kid more?!?) who worked with me, shouted encouragement and pushed me to succeed, I not only survived - I won the cammo belt this month!  The cammo belt is given to the person who pushes themself the hardest during boot camp - you don't have to be perfect, you just need to give it your utmost and all.  And let me tell you, there is nothing like fearing I'm going to look like a fool to motivate me and make me push myself hard!  My legs and arms were like jelly when I left and today I'm feeling muscles in some pretty weird places (who knew your armpits could get sore?) but its a happy sore.  I think the thing that made me happiest was that two of my kids were there to see me get the belt - there is nothing in the world better than having your kids be proud of you!

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