Monday, August 30, 2010

A Poem for the Last Day of Summer Vacation...

The new clothes are purchased (my bank account's poor)
The back packs are ready and sitting at the door.
The alarm clocks are ticking away till the morning
When bleary-eyed children will look at them with scorning.

Today was the last day of summer,
The last time we could stay up late then slumber
Now we're ready for schedules, science and books
For reading, writing and mathematical-confused-by-this looks.

My children are growing up quickly it seems
To become the wonderful adults of my dreams.
While I know in my heart that school must come
I'll still miss my wonderful (times three) chums.

I'll miss waking up and chatting liesurely while we eat
I'll miss swimming in the pool to beat the sun's heat
I'll miss snuggling up at watching movies at 10 in the morn
I'll miss having my children to myself like when they were first born

While tomorrow they'll be off to school with bright eyes and happy heart
And I'll send them off with hugs and good cheer for a nice school year start,
I know I'll be sighing in my coffee all day
Waiting for my kids to come home to play...

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