Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paper Gift Basket Tutorial

As promised, here is a picture tutorial for making the paper gift basket!

1.  Start with 8.5x8.5" piece of Cardstock and a 1.5"x11" strip of matching Cardstock.
2.  Score at 2.5" in on each side of the big piece.

3.  Decorate your handle.  Here I've stamped with the flower edge from Summer Wishes (part of the Splendor Workshop Kit).

4.  Decorate the inside of your box with stamping before you fold along your score lines.  Here I've used stamps from our Hot Diggity set.
5.  Cut along the X lines - only TWO sides are cut to form the box.

6.  For the outside of the box you will need:
A (4) 2.25x2.25"
B (2) 2.25"x 3.25"
C (2) 2.25"x 3" (this one can be shorter because it gets mostly covered up).

7.  Curve the handle by gently running it down the side of your craft table.

8.  Attach the handle about .5" down on the C panel (the one that folds IN).

9.  Put adhesive along the cut line on the two sides.  Follow the pencil line shown.

10.  Fold up the two sides so they form a triangle on the side under the handle.

11.  Add an embellishment on the side to cover where they pieces join. Here I've used the big flower on the Summer Wishes set (Spelendor workshop kit) and adhered with a pop dot.

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Amy G said...

Thanks Paige! Can't wait to try it out. Amy

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