Monday, July 26, 2010

Gift basket using CTMH Splendor Paper and CTMH Summer Wishes and Hot Diggity

Isn't this a sweet basket?  Each side is a little over 2.5" high making it just right to hold a bunch of wrapped candies for a picnic or hostess gift.  This 4th of July I made one with blue paper and stamped the inside with all sorts of 4th of July stamps and wrapped Smarties candies with red paper to look like firecrackers to give to a neighbor who hosted a BBQ.  I forgot to take a picture before giving it away (don't you hate it when you do that?!?).

Anyways - this little beauty was a project at my July Stamp Camp.  A lot of people went for a little bee instead of the spider.  I'm not a spider fan - I tell my kids if it crosses the threshold of the the house then it gets killed, if its outside it can live a full and happy life (my one exception are bees - those I capture and release) - BUT I do like this little guy.  He's such a happy little spider!

Materials Used:
Paper:  Splendor Level 2
Stamps:  Summer Wishes (stamp that comes with the Splendor Kit - love these kits!), Hot Diggity
Inks:  Goldrush, Moonstruck
Other:  Sponge daubers


Amy G said...

Paige: What a cute basket! Do you have a pattern that you could share? I would love to try making one myself. Thanks. Amy

Jayma Malme said...

Cute cute! I thought it was a ladybug. It has some dots on its back. I like to think of it that way instead of a spider, anyway :)

Paige Dolecki said...

Jayma -

Hmmm...maybe I've been looking at it wrong - LOL! For some reason it looked spidery to me but now when you say ladybug I'm seeing that too!


Paige Dolecki said...

Amy -

I have a couple extras cut out and ready to put together. I'll do one and take photos for a tutorial later this week - today I'm committed to a kid summer fun day!


Amy G said...

Thanks Paige. I just wasn't sure if you purchased a template somewhere or found it via another link. I'll watch for the upcoming tutorial! Thanks again!


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