Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm so excited! Two of my friends hit the Jackpot!

Yesterday's jackpot item was the Perfect Day paper pack and I'm so happy because two of my friends ordered it and HIT THE JACKPOT!  One even ordered JUST that paper pack and it happened to be the Jackpot item!  Isn't it funny how excited we get for other people?  I'm sure they are chuckling at the happy-happy e-mail I just sent them telling them they won but I really am super excited!

If you want to share the excitement of a surprise check out the $40 Mystery Goodie Box up today!  For $40 you'll get $80 worth of Goodies sent to your door!  To order this or any other specials during June Jackpot just visit my site at

Good luck and happy shopping!


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