Monday, June 28, 2010

Vote to help a town win a grant to build a special needs baseball field...

A fellow CTMH sister is asking for help to get votes for her home town to build a special needs baseball field and playground.  Pepsi Co. is giving out $50k grants to the top 10 projects - hers is currently 45.  Voting is daily through June 30th.

To vote, go to this link:

Why am I taking time to send you this?  Because for a couple of years my youngest child required the use of a wheel chair to get around.  While Devin doesn't currently use one, the experience has given me a deep appreciation of the small inconveniences and difficulties having a child with special needs brings to every day activities.  Yes, pushing a wheel chair through bark mulch is difficult - more so than pushing a stroller as the chair has a different center of gravity. 

I hope you'll all take the five minutes or so to send in a vote for the next three days.  What a wonderful gift this town is trying to give to its children!  Thanks so much for your help!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Lucky Lady with a Goodie Box!

I just love getting happy phone calls from my friends who are SO excited by their Goodie Boxes they can't wait to tell me what they got!  Its the best kind of phone call when you get to share that excitement with somebody! 

My good friend Tracy (HI!) called today to tell me what she got in her $100 Goodie Box and how much she liked everything.  She was impressed at how CTMH made an effort to have things "go" together like Level 1 packs with the extra Level 2 Stickease.  It makes you feel like a little kid on your birthday when you get a big white box from Close to my Heart on your doorstep just full of fun things to play with - and really how often as Mom's do we get completely SURPRISED by anything?!? 

If YOU want to feel that SURPRISE and EXCITEMENT then head on over to my website and pick up a Goodie Box today!  We have an $80 box full of $200 worth of goodies going on until 8AM Mountain Time tomorrow!  If you miss out this time then make sure you visit daily to catch the next one or some of our rockin' June Jackpot deals!

So here is what she got - and boy did she get a GREAT deal!  I'm so excited for her! 

Argyle Backgrounds - D

Lucky You – B
Small Pleasures – D 1139
Calendar – C1191 Tiny months former SOTM
Punctuation – C size
Felicity Kit with stamp
White Daisy Sassy Strands
Rubons – Love Story
Rubons – Consultant 5 Pack in Chocolate
Notebook Level 1
Stickease Notebook
8.5x11 CS black
Simply Snapshots in You Rock
Heartfelt Whimsy
Chocolate Diecuts from Serendipity plus 12 cardstock assortment
6x6 Memory Protectors
Level 1 Sweet Home
Sweet Home Stickease
Magic Moments Kit
Sunflower Mini Ink
Black Grosgrain Ribbon Bulk
Organdy White Daisy Ribbon Bulk
3/8 Grosgrain Colonial White Ribbon Bulk

Monday, 21 June - Mystery Goodie Box Day! $200 for just $80!

Today is a Mystery Goodie Box Day!  To get $200 worth of CTMH goodies for just $80 visit my site and order yours today!  Remember, we'll be having a Swap and Crop on the 25th for anyone purchasing during the month of June!  Check out some of my previous posts to see samples of what these Goodie Boxes are like!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is a Goodie Box Day! Saturday, 12 June!

Whoo-hoo!  Today is another Mystery Goodie Box Day!  Get $120 worth of fabulous CTMH products for just $60!  Check out my post from a couple of days ago to see just how much stuff comes packed in these Goodie Boxes - they are always a fabulous deal AND Close to my Heart even makes an effort to coordinate items in your box (for instance most of the people who ordered the last box received Silhouette Level 1 kit and the Silhouette Stickease along with the Black Designer Ribbon Rounds and a whole bunch of other paper, stamps and embellishments). 

To grab a great deal for yourself, just visit my site at:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just to whet your whistle...a fellow consultant's Goodie Box #1

A very sweet fellow consultant (thanks Jen!) has given me permission to share the contents of her Goodie Box along with the pictures!  This is the first Goodie Box #1 which was $80 for at least $160 worth of products.  She received $190 worth of goodies for just $80!!!

Z1274 Designer Brads Colonial White
Z1161 Founry Tabs
Z1096 Embroidery Floss
Z1126 Ribbon Rounds - Colonial White
Z1015 Believe Clear Inspirations
Z1300 Just Blooms White Daisy
Z1165 3x3 Mini album
A1092 Simple Invites
A1093 Genuine Fun
B1299 Spring Equinox
C1206 Whimsy Lowercase Alpha
D1242 Doodle Alpha
X8624 My Originals Card Kit - Bits & Pieces
X8623 My Originals Card Kit - Around the Holidays
X143 Doorhanger Pouch
Z1265 Rub-ons - Primavera
Z1098 Rub-ons - Love Letters
X5746 My Stickease Journaling Prompts - About Me
Z1223 Dimensional Elements - Booksmart
Z334 Paper Envelope - 3pk
X7100A Level 1 Perfect Day
X7100B Level 2 Perfect Day
Assortment of Cardstock
Mini Garden Green Ink Pad

Total product value: $190.
This is with the DISCOUNTED prices of some of the items!

Can you tell I LOVE these boxes?!?  Don't miss out on these fabulous deals - go order today's $60 box for $120+ worth of stuff today!

Today is a Goodie Box Day! Tues. 6/8/10

The only thing better than a surprise is a surprise at HALF OFF!  Today's Mystery Goodie Box is loaded with $120 worth of Close to my Heart products for just $60! 

Purchase from my site during the month of June and you'll be invited to a Swap and Crop at the end of the month where you can swap any items from the Goodie Box that aren't your cup of tea.  We had so much fun doing our Swap and Crop last year!  After we swapped we cropped and shared ideas for what to do with the Goodies we kept. 

So....get on over to my site and get yours today!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm so excited! Two of my friends hit the Jackpot!

Yesterday's jackpot item was the Perfect Day paper pack and I'm so happy because two of my friends ordered it and HIT THE JACKPOT!  One even ordered JUST that paper pack and it happened to be the Jackpot item!  Isn't it funny how excited we get for other people?  I'm sure they are chuckling at the happy-happy e-mail I just sent them telling them they won but I really am super excited!

If you want to share the excitement of a surprise check out the $40 Mystery Goodie Box up today!  For $40 you'll get $80 worth of Goodies sent to your door!  To order this or any other specials during June Jackpot just visit my site at

Good luck and happy shopping!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, 3 June Jackpot item - LEVEL 2 Paper Packs with FREE Acrylic Album!

Today's June Jackpot deal is a selection of 5 Level 2 Paper Packs for just $10 each (23% off!) with a free Acrylix Album ($14.95 value) as the jackpot item!  One of the paper packs will have the jackpot attached - to guarantee you hit the Jackpot then order all 5 of the items!

Which paper packs?  Boom-Di-Ada, Daydream, Emporium, Game On and Perfect Day!

Shipping:  .99 each item and the Jackpot ships FREE - just $4.95 for all items to be shipped to your door!

How do you get in on this FAB deal?  Visit my site at

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Goodie Box in June Jackpot TODAY 6/2/10

Today is the first Goodie Box!  For $80 you get $200 worth of products plus the shipping is reduced to just $8 for the box!  Visit my site to check out the deal!

Make sure you visit my site daily to check out the deals and stock up on what you need at GREAT prices!  Yesterday's deal was on Level 1 Kits - they were 30% off at just $7 each and if you bought all 5 (or found the Jackpot item with a good guess) then you received TWO ribbon rounds worth $16 for FREE!  June Jackpot is going to be a great campaign!
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