Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CTMH $30 Mystery Goodie Box in Holiday Heydey Clearance Sale

Raise your hand if you usually wind up buying all your own Christmas presents. Do you want a SURPRISE under your tree this year?

I know I'm not the only Wife and Mom out there who usually winds up buying all my own presents. Lets face it, we are the ones at the stores DOING the shopping and we are the ones who know what we actually want each year. BUT (yes, a big but) sometimes its nice to get a surprise! Sometimes we NEED a surprise. Sometimes we WANT to feel the excitement of opening a box that WE didn't wrap! So I've got a SURPRISE for YOU!

In our Holiday Heydey Clearance Sale (now through December 17th!) there is a $30 Mystery Goodie Box with $100+ worth of merchandise! You'll know you are getting our top quality Close to my Heart products BUT you WON'T know WHAT you are getting at 70%+ off! There are still lots of other items up for sale at incredible prices too but there is just something about a surprise at the holidays that I wanted to share with you! Make it a great surprise by sending the link to your hubby and having HIM shop for you - when he gets the box all he'll have to do is throw some wrapping paper around it or if your hubby is seriously wrapping challenged just a bow!

Okay, here's what I got in my box yesterday! Contents will vary from box to box but ALL boxes will have $100+ in merchandise! Did you notice from the picture that they even make an effort to COORDINATE the items you get? This is one of the many reasons why I love Close to my Heart - they don't just stuff odds and ends in the box - they took the time to coordinate the items so I can actually USE what I get all together! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE SALE FOR YOUR SURPRISE!

Cranberry Base Pages: $9.95
Whoops a Daisy Level 1: $9.95
Let's Get Together Stickease (4 pages): $8.95
Textured Cardstock (variety - 9 pages total): $5.60
D1100 Classic Caps (didn't have!): $22.95
D1130 Random Thoughts (didn't have!): $22.95
Z268 3-D Squares, Strips and Minis (I LOVE THESE!): $8.95
Sassy Strands White Daisy: $3.95
Sassy Strands Summer Carnival: $3.95
Gold My Accents Tube: $12.95
Cranberry My Accents: $3.95
Total Retail: $114.10 Retail Value!

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