Sunday, December 13, 2009

Covered Pillow Box Picture Tutorial with CTMH Holiday Trinkets and CTMH Holiday Creative Basics

I had a Creative Class the other night and the ladies in attendance each received this adorable pillow box filled with Close to my Heart presents for the holidays. The box itself is part of the present as it is completely reusable- gotta love that! I wonder who made it home before they opened their present....

Here is a quick picture tutorial for making a covered pillow box.

I bought a box of 50 pillow boxes in the Target Wedding aisle when they were on clearance (total score!).

2. Measure your pillow box. You will need a piece of paper a bit more than twice as wide (to go all the way around) and just a little longer than your box.

3. Cut your chosen paper to size.

4. Put adhesive on the FRONT of your box. Make sure you get right to the edges and then put it down in the middle of your paper.

5. Fold the sides of the paper up. Put adhesive on the back side of your box and then push the paper onto the box to adhere.

6. Cut the extra paper off the two ends of the box following along the curve.

7. Use a hole punch to cut out the divet in the end of the pillow box.

8. Fold your box ends in. The first time will be a little stiff as the paper has to fold along the boxes score line. I used a sponge dauber to add some ink to the cut edges to make them blend better.

9. Instead of buying fillers I take sheets of tissue paper, fold them up and cut them in .25" to .5" slices on my paper cutter. I fluff the pile and then use it to fill up the boxes.

10. Add a pretty ribbon around the box and tie in a bow at one end. Add some decoration to the front and you are ready to go!
Materials Used:
Paper: Holiday Creative Basics (retired but in the Clearance Sale - it comes with 8 yards of cranberry ribbon).
Other: Pillow Box (Target Wedding), Red Ribbon (Target), Gel Pens (Costco), Red tissue paper for filler

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Dawn said...

Wow, Paige, that was quite the score for sure! Nice job making something cool with your great find! Love your nice tutorial.

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