Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Boo Bag

Here are two of my kids getting ready to hit some of our friends and neighbors with "Boo Bags". I grew up in the boonies so this custom was totally new to me when we moved into our house out here. Each Halloween someone in the neighborhood will leave a package of goodies on your doorstep about a week or so before Halloween. In it there are some tasty treats along with a poem about Boo-ing (the regulations so to speak) and a paper ghost to paste to your door to let everyone know you've been Boo-ed. You are then to pass on the tradition by Boo-ing one or two of your neighbors. The person in our neighborhood who used to Boo us each year has since moved away so I decided to make up a couple of these bags to treat some of our friends and neighbors and get the ball rolling again.
These bags are made out of our 9x9 page protectors, some cardstock and a bit of bulk ribbon I've had for ages. My kids and I had so much fun putting these together for our friends - and my two little spooky helpers loved ding-dong-ditching the bags on the porch for our friends! If you've never made one of these, give it a try this Halloween!

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