Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tips from the Stranger Danger Child Safety Seminar we went to today

Just have to share a couple of "stranger danger" tips from the seminar I took my kids to this morning. Besides learning to recognize who is a stranger (anyone we don't know), never talk to a stranger, never "help" an adult who is NOT your parent, yell "Fire!" of "You're Not my Dad!" not "help" as people don't take that seriously, don't get into a stranger's car and run away as fast as you can to a safe place, there were some other tips I wanted to share with you all.

1. Talk to your kids about HOW to get away and practice (not on eachother!). The analogy they used today was to think about what it would be like to hold a cat while you were in the shower. Think about how wild and crazy that cat would be - kicking, clawing, punching, scratching - basically doing anything to get away. This really seemed to click with even the youngest kids and they had a blast practicing the "cat drills".

2. Have a secret code word only your family knows so kids can verify if another adult claims they are picking them up at the parent's request.

3. Leave a trail. If someone does get a hold of you try to leave things behind. Papers from school, one shoe, a hair clip, etc.

4. Leave DNA. If you are in the car, touch as much as you can to leave finger prints. Pull out your hair, spit and anything else you are able to do. Try to get their DNA - hair or skin from scratching.

5. Don't put your kids names on clothing OR vehicles (I've seen this a lot lately!).

6. When you go to a big event that is crowded, take a moment to snap a picture of your kids using your cell phone. This will allow you to have a current photo and complete clothing description in case of emergency.

7. If your child goes missing in a store or public facility go straight to security or the front register and DEMAND the store is locked down immediately.

8. On a side note for women, several years ago I was taught that if you are sexually accosted to try to vomit or let loose "other bodily functions" to make the criminal loose their interest in accosting you.

I hadn't thought about teaching my kids to leave clues or purposefully snapping a picture BEFORE you even leave for an event. Both of these were great tips. I hope this information was useful to you parents out there. Lets all give our kids the tools they need to stay safe!


sandyh50 said...

Wow, these are great tips! I worry about my grandkids as they will be moving from Montana to California. Do you mind if I copy and paste your tips and put on my Facebook page for my friends and relatives? Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

Paige, thanks for sharing that info. It is helpful even for adults. I will be copying and pasting into my website as well. I hope you don't mind, but I can't imagine you would mind.

Paige Dolecki said...

Ladies -

This information should be seen by EVERY parent! Feel free to copy or to link to this article!


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