Friday, June 19, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day - 50% OFF Mystery Goodie Box #4 June 19th

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Friday, 19th June is 50% off Goodie Box #4 (of 6)! This box is full of $120 worth of merchandise for just $60 with reduced shipping of $8! This offer is good through Saturday, 20th June at 7AM Pacific or while supplies last!
***Click HERE to get YOUR box today!!!***
Check out my previous posts on Boxes 1,2 and 3 and you'll see you get EVEN MORE than they promise you with these Mystery Boxes!

Mystery Box #1 ($60 box with $120 product) actually had $132.60 in product!
Mystery Box #2 ($40 box with $80 product) actually had $98.65 in product!
Mystery Box #3 ($100 box with $220 in product) actaully had $250.60 in product!

When you factor in the reduced shipping and the fact that you are paying tax ONLY on the reduced price you are saving closer to 60-65% with these boxes! How cool is that!

Remember - if you order a Mystery Box through me, we'll be partying it up in July at a SWAP AND CROP event where you can swap with other smart Mystery Box buyers if you do happen to get something you already had or if something isn't your cup of tea! I know a lot of the stuff in my box is going to become low cost gifts for the holidays! If you have other crafty people on your list, or if like me - your family likes getting your homemade gifts - these boxes will give you plenty of deals to get started on your holiday gift making over the summer! Hmmmm....Christmas in July workshops.....starting to think here.....

Hope you ladies are enjoying these posts! Take advantage of the 50% OFF Mystery Goodie Box TODAY! Get 'em while they're RED HOT!

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