Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CTMH July Stamp of the Month You've Got Flair BLOG HOP! Heat Embossing, Gift Set

Welcome to our Stamp of the Month BLOG HOP for July featuring the "You've Got Flair" Acrylix stamp set which you can get at a great discount or even FREE with an order from now through July 31!

This is a circular hop so if you keep on clicking through to check out the great artwork provided by over 40 different Close to my Heart consultants, you'll have done the full circle when you come back to where you started! I can't wait to click through and see all the fabulous creations from my sister consultants! We have some serious talent in this company!

To follow along on this hop you just need to click on the link at the end of the post on each blog to move along to the next site. Afraid you'll get lost? No worries! The list of all participating consultant sites is at the very bottom of this post!

When I first saw this set I kept thinking - oh cool that looks like a paisley bandana! I love the artwork corporate did with this set featured in the Idea Book but I really wanted to try a different look with this set. The more I looked at it the more it reminded me of Henna paintings. I wanted to keep that look but capture it in classic black and white.

This is the gift set that I came up with to showcase the stamp set. I used White Daisy embossing powder on black cardstock and made a set of 6 Thank You cards and matching envelopes with a neat gift enclosure pouch. I'll be posting a tutorial on how I made this soon so come back and visit me!

Now "Hop" on over to my cyber friend and sister consultant Dawn's blog to see her work!

Be sure to visit all the Consultants at their blogs to get some great ideas! Remember, the July Stamp of the Month is only available until July 31! Contact your CTMH Consultant (or click here) to see how you can get this stamp set at a discount or even FREE!

Got lost? No worries! Pick the blog hop back up by following this list of participating consultants! Happy Hopping!

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Brae Montgomery
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Adeline E Brill
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Helen Onulak
Sarita Schraeder
Chris Shouse
Paige Dolecki
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Jamia Bankhead
Nona Davenport
Haley Dyer
Misty Jackson
Jennifer Patrick
Carla Ironside
Jody Gustafson
Heather Painchaud
Julia Menssen
Lori Miller
Pamela O'Connor
Reba Poquette
Anne Beck
Shallon Pelletier
Caren Goldsein
Jan Moxey
Kristie Horness-Herdener
Alanna Moses
Leslie Markland
Barbara Otten
Traci Godbee
Jill Lucas
Amy McVey
Laurie Levnik

Monday, June 29, 2009



Here's the one we've all been waiting for! Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for the last day of this awesome promotion is the "Big Bertha" giant $300 value Mystery Goodie Box for just $125!
***Click HERE to get the LAST 60% OFF Mystery Box for a summer full of fun!***
Check out all the other days of this promotion - I have pictures of Boxes 1-4 listed here on my blog (5 will go up today when I get it)! These boxes are a treasure trove of discounted high quality Close to my Heart products - stamps, albums, Level 1 and Level 2 paper packs, kits, ribbons, embellishments, and all sorts of wonderful products at an incredible discount!
Normally to get a half off bundle of CTMH items you need to reach $350 in party sales and get one of our Hostess Rewards Plus items. During this promotion ANYONE can get the same incredible half off bundle offer our hostesses get WITHOUT HAVING A PARTY! So take advantage of this LAST MYSTERY GOODIE BOX and have fun all summer long creating terrific low cost gifts for the holidays, cards for every occassion, gift albums, home decor and more all with this HUGE BOX OF FUN!
By the time you read this I've already bought my box! Remember, if you buy a box too you'll be invited to my special SWAP AND CROP PARTY in July where all the lucky box owners will get together to swap any duplicate items they might have or any items that aren't their cup of tea. After the SWAP part, we'll CROP and I'll be available to give you plenty of ideas on how to transform the items you got at a GREAT DEAL into cards, gifts and home decor! Its going to be a blast and your entry fee is simply getting a terrific deal for yourself!

CTMH Deal of the Day White Daisy Just Blooms Monday, 29 June

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Monday, 29th June is a tube of White Daisy Just Blooms ($7.95 value!) for FREE with any Acrylix stamp set purchase AND shipping is reduced to just $3 for this promotion!
***Click HERE to get yours for FREE!***
This tube is packed with 75 paper flowers in a 3 shapes and a variety of sizes. They are wonderful to use straight from the tube with a brad through the center but you can also do fun things like dye them with re-inker, stamp on them, emboss on them, sponge color on them, stack them, stitch on them, glitter them or anything else you can think of! They are made of sturdy but soft paper and are lots of fun to play with.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day Nature's Ambiance Rub Ons Sunday, 28th June

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Sunday, 28th June is a FREE package of Nature's Ambiance Rubons ($9.95 value!) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase with reduced shipping of just $3! There are just 3 days left of this campaign (and one will be a BIG Mystery Goodie Box with $300 in product!) so don't miss out on these last few great deals!
***Click HERE to get your package for FREE!***
These rub ons come on 6x12" carrier sheets - 3 per package in White Daisy, Brown and Black. With this variety of colors you can use them on light or dark cardstock, flowers, the tops of brads, on top of photos, etc.

Check out how much you can save by purchasing this special deal! I'm going to use an example of you purchasing a B size stamp set for $13.95 and one package of rubons for $9.95.

Stamp: $13.95
Rub ons: $9.95
Product Subtotal: $23.90
Regular Shipping on Website orders: $7.95
Tax (my rate of 8.6%): $2.74
Grand Total: $34.59

Deal a Day Special with FREE Rub ons and Special Reduced Shipping!
Stamp: $13.95
Rub ons: FREE
Product Subtotal: $13.95
Shipping: $3.00
Tax: $1.46
Grand Total: $18.41

Total Savings: $16.18!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tips from the Stranger Danger Child Safety Seminar we went to today

Just have to share a couple of "stranger danger" tips from the seminar I took my kids to this morning. Besides learning to recognize who is a stranger (anyone we don't know), never talk to a stranger, never "help" an adult who is NOT your parent, yell "Fire!" of "You're Not my Dad!" not "help" as people don't take that seriously, don't get into a stranger's car and run away as fast as you can to a safe place, there were some other tips I wanted to share with you all.

1. Talk to your kids about HOW to get away and practice (not on eachother!). The analogy they used today was to think about what it would be like to hold a cat while you were in the shower. Think about how wild and crazy that cat would be - kicking, clawing, punching, scratching - basically doing anything to get away. This really seemed to click with even the youngest kids and they had a blast practicing the "cat drills".

2. Have a secret code word only your family knows so kids can verify if another adult claims they are picking them up at the parent's request.

3. Leave a trail. If someone does get a hold of you try to leave things behind. Papers from school, one shoe, a hair clip, etc.

4. Leave DNA. If you are in the car, touch as much as you can to leave finger prints. Pull out your hair, spit and anything else you are able to do. Try to get their DNA - hair or skin from scratching.

5. Don't put your kids names on clothing OR vehicles (I've seen this a lot lately!).

6. When you go to a big event that is crowded, take a moment to snap a picture of your kids using your cell phone. This will allow you to have a current photo and complete clothing description in case of emergency.

7. If your child goes missing in a store or public facility go straight to security or the front register and DEMAND the store is locked down immediately.

8. On a side note for women, several years ago I was taught that if you are sexually accosted to try to vomit or let loose "other bodily functions" to make the criminal loose their interest in accosting you.

I hadn't thought about teaching my kids to leave clues or purposefully snapping a picture BEFORE you even leave for an event. Both of these were great tips. I hope this information was useful to you parents out there. Lets all give our kids the tools they need to stay safe!

CTMH Deal of the Day Free Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth Sat. June 27th

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Saturday, 27th June is a FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ($3.95 value!) to scrub your blocks clean!
*****Click HERE to shop my site!*****
Today I'm taking my family to a free "stranger danger" seminar at DMW Martial Arts and Fitness. This studio is a very big part of our lives as all three of my kids and I take Tae-Kwon-Do classes there. This class is a free give-back-to-the-community effort focused on teaching kids how to get away and knowing who is a stranger. We attended one they did a couple of years back and I really liked the way they got the message across but still made it fun for the kids so I signed up one of my kids for classes and the rest is history.
If you are local and would like to check out the studio (its up in Snoqualmie Ridge) let them know I sent you and ask for the "two weeks free" offer to check out classes! I love watching the kids and most especially the girls gain in self-assurance, confidence, focus and sense of power and control through the years of doing Martial Arts. I just did a class with my daughter yesterday and it was so much fun working out with her! She really is an amazing kid and I feel so blessed that God gave her to me!

Friday, June 26, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day Mystery Goodie Box #5 June 26th

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Friday, 26th June is Mystery Goodie Box #5! For $25 you will get a box full of $50 worth of Close to my Heart products and to make the deal even sweeter, shipping is reduced to just $6 to your door! This is the lowest priced box of the campaign so if your budget is limited take advantage of the savings today. The last Mystery Goodie Box (there are only 6 total) will be the $300 in value box coming up in the next few days.
*****Click HERE to get in on the savings and fun!*****
I've been very impressed with the variety of items in these Mystery Goodie Boxes - everything from albums, page protectors, stamps, paper packs, stickease, tools, dimensional elements, ribbon and embellishments. Each box I've received has been a summer fun kit all on its own!
Don't forget if you purchase a box you'll be invited to a SWAP AND CROP PARTY in July where you can swap items you may already have (I only had a couple of the items already and I have A LOT of CTMH stuff!) or something that isn't your cup of tea with another lucky box owner. After our swap we can do some cropping and I'll be available to give you ideas on turning the contents of your box into terrific low cost gifts, cards and albums! Come join me in the fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Autumn Garden Mini Medleys Thursday, 25 June

Happy first full day of Summer Vacation to anyone in my area school district! We had a blast last night making BBQ apple wood smoked pizzas to celebrate the end of school. We even had spots of sunshine for the kids to swim for an hour or so in the afternoon. Very fun start to summer!

Today's Deal of the Day from Close to my Heart is a FREE package of Autumn Garden Mini Medleys ($7.95 value!) with the purchase of any Acrylix stamps set. These fun accessories are perfect for the new paper pack Bella and are used in the Bella workshop at the end of July! So get the discount today and then come to my workshop at the end of July and you'll save money AND get a bunch of scrapbooking done!
I'd love to meet some new people at my workshops so send me an e-mail and I'll fill you in on all the details! We meet in Snoqualmie for about 2.5-3 hours and complete a featured workshop double layout and cut and assemble the additional 4 layouts included in the guide. Its a great way to get your scrapbooking done and the workshop itself is FREE with the purchase of your materials! I hold workshops normally on the last Friday of the month at 7PM and during the school year on a Tuesday at 9:30AM.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Chocolate Brads Wednesday, 24 June

Happy Last Day of School to all in my district! I'm SO glad summer vacation is finally here! Can't wait to party it up with my kiddos for the summer!

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Wed. 24th June is a FREE 100 count box of Chocolate Brads ($4.50 value!) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase!
Products used in featured card:
Paper: Good Times Level 2 (perfect boy birthday/celebration paper)
Other: Chocolate ribbon, brads (not sure if they were chocolate or pewter), watercolor pencils, liquid glass (on top of sentiment)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CTMH Mystery Goodie Box #4 Pictures of What I Got!

Whoo-hoo! LOOK at what I came to my doorstep today in Mystery Goodie Box #4 ($120 worth of goodies for $60) from Close to my Heart! These boxes are such an incredible value and so much fun to get! There are only two more left to go so DON'T MISS OUT! Check my website daily - there are only 7 more days this month and 2 more boxes up for grabs! If you'd like to get on my e-mail list I'll send you a note when its a Mystery Goodie Box Day - just send me an e-mail at paigedolecki@yahoo.com and you'll receive special notification as well as my monthly newsletter!
D1140 Miracle (a sweet baby set I wanted!): $22.95
C1226 Floral Charms: $18.95
A1070 Atomic Lower Case Letters: $10.95

Base Pages (set of 12 pre-printed) Indian Corn Blue: $9.95
Laid Back Level 1 (older style with page protectors): $10.95
Dazzling Diecuts with Dimensional Elements (special we had earlier this year with $50 purchase) White Daisy: $13.95

Embellishments and Other:
2 packages of 9x9 Page Proctetors (ea package has 10): $3.95x2=$7.90
Clear Inspirations Thank You Tags: $3.95
Clear Shapes Connection Club Rewards: $3.00
Autumn Harvest Organdy Ribbon Rounds: $8.95
Designer Ribbon Rounds White Daisy: $8.95

CTMH Deal of the Day Love Letter Rub Ons June 23

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day is a FREE package of 3 Love Letter Rub Ons ($9.95 value!) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase! These rub ons come packed on 6x12" carrier sheets one each in Black, Brown and White. Because you get all three colors you really can mix and match for the best look on your project. So if you have dark cardstock you can use the white rub ons to pop and on light colors you can pop with the brown or black rub ons all staying with the same theme for your project. There are so many images and words packed on these sheets they'll last through many projects! And don't forget with our Deal a Day special that shipping to your door is reduced to just $3!
*****Click HERE to shop my site now!*****
The comment I hear the most from people after they have tried our rubons is how easily and smoothly they go on and that they are the nicest rubons they have ever used! One of the major reasons I became a Close to my Heart consultant is because I love our high quality, high value products so sharing these along with our faster, simpler, easier philosophy is what makes being a consultant so much fun for me!
Check out how much you can save by purchasing this special deal! I'm going to use an example of you purchasing a B size stamp set for $13.95 and one package of rubons for $9.95 at a home gathering with me. Normally I recommend people give me a call /e-mail to place an order as I can combine them into a gathering for the lower shipping rate but with our Deal A Day special you can see that having it delivered to your door with the FREE product and reduced shipping makes it a GREAT DEAL!

Stamp: $13.95
Rubons: $9.95
Product Subtotal: $23.90
Shipping (at gathering rate of 7.95%): $1.90
Tax (at my rate of 8.6%): $2.22
Grand Total: $28.02

Deal a Day Special with FREE Rubons delivered right to your door!
Stamp: $13.95
Rubons: FREE
Product Subtotal: $13.95
Shipping: $3.00
Tax: $1.46
Grand Total: $18.41

Total Savings: $9.61!

Monday, June 22, 2009

CTMH Mystery Goodie Box #4 is on its way! Pictures posted tomorrow!

Oooh - I can't wait! Tomorrow I get my Mystery Goodie Box #4 stuffed FULL of $120 worth of Close to my Heart goodies all for just $60! These boxes are a CRAZY GOOD DEAL! There are only two left this month so don't miss out! Call up your sister and see if she wants to split a box with you! Call your Mom and tell her you know what she can get you for your birthday! Call up your hubby and tell him this is your crafting box to keep you sane over the summer with the kids! Just DON'T MISS OUT ON THE LAST TWO BOXES!

Each one of these boxes has been full of such a variety of goods - everything from stamps, ribbon, paper packs, embellishments, dimensional elements, kits, stickease, etc! I've definitely noticed that CTMH is trying to coordinate the products as much as possible as well! On the day I received a 6x6 album, I received extra 6x6 page protectors as well! If you get Stickease they are probably going to match the paper pack you received. Its those little details that make me so happy I work for this company. They are really trying not only to give you a great deal on stuff but also to make sure you can USE what you get! Check out my previous posts to see much I saved with these boxes - on each one I received WAY MORE than they said I would!

See you tomorrow with pictures of Box #4!

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Autumn Harvest Sassy Strands Monday, 22 June

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day is a package of Autumn Harvest Sassy Strands ($3.95 value!) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase!
*****Click HERE to shop my site!*****

Sunday, June 21, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Spool of White Organdy Ribbon Sunday, 21 June/ Birthday Card using CTMH With Love for Underwater Fish Card

Happy Father's Day!

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Sunday, 21 June is a FREE 25 yard spool of White Organdy Ribbon 3/8" ($6.95 value!) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase!
Organdy ribbon adds such a soft sparkle to projects its sure to come in handy for all your projects. Did you know you can also custom dye your ribbon? Just take a bit of ribbon and either re-inker (in a small plastic jar like our Craft Jars) or your regular ink pad. If using re-inker simply dip and let dry. When I use a stamp pad, I take something like a sponge dauber and press the ribbon into the pad to pick up the color. Let the ribbon dry and I'd also suggest for polyester based ribbons a bit of heat setting with your iron.
The Happy Birthday card above is one I made for my son's 10th B'day. He loves fish and this card was just perfect for him. I didn't have any Autumn Terracotta organdy for the photo clip fish's tail so I custom dyed some Taffy organdy ribbon to match by clip by pressing it into the ink pad. This stamp set actually uses the flower set "With Love" to create an underwater garden!
Products used:
Stamp Sets: With Love, Happy Birthday, Simple Stitches (for the starfish)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Heavenly Blue Designer Ribbon Round Saturday, 20 June

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Saturday, 20th June is a FREE Heavely Blue Designer Ribbon Round ($7.95 value!) with any My Acrylix stamp set purchase!

There are 4 spools of ribbon in each Designer Ribbon Round with 2 full yards (6 feet) of each ribbon for a total of 8 yards (24 feet) of ribbon or just $1 a yard for high quality color matched ribbon for any and all of your projects. A little bow of ribbon, a dash running across the bottom, a ribbon frame on your layout, knots of ribbon marching down the side of your card, ribbon is probably one of the most well loved accents we papercrafters use! Our Desinger Ribbon Rounds have beautiful high quality ribbon to add that touch of texture to any project.

Friday, June 19, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day - 50% OFF Mystery Goodie Box #4 June 19th

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Friday, 19th June is 50% off Goodie Box #4 (of 6)! This box is full of $120 worth of merchandise for just $60 with reduced shipping of $8! This offer is good through Saturday, 20th June at 7AM Pacific or while supplies last!
***Click HERE to get YOUR box today!!!***
Check out my previous posts on Boxes 1,2 and 3 and you'll see you get EVEN MORE than they promise you with these Mystery Boxes!

Mystery Box #1 ($60 box with $120 product) actually had $132.60 in product!
Mystery Box #2 ($40 box with $80 product) actually had $98.65 in product!
Mystery Box #3 ($100 box with $220 in product) actaully had $250.60 in product!

When you factor in the reduced shipping and the fact that you are paying tax ONLY on the reduced price you are saving closer to 60-65% with these boxes! How cool is that!

Remember - if you order a Mystery Box through me, we'll be partying it up in July at a SWAP AND CROP event where you can swap with other smart Mystery Box buyers if you do happen to get something you already had or if something isn't your cup of tea! I know a lot of the stuff in my box is going to become low cost gifts for the holidays! If you have other crafty people on your list, or if like me - your family likes getting your homemade gifts - these boxes will give you plenty of deals to get started on your holiday gift making over the summer! Hmmmm....Christmas in July workshops.....starting to think here.....

Hope you ladies are enjoying these posts! Take advantage of the 50% OFF Mystery Goodie Box TODAY! Get 'em while they're RED HOT!

CTMH Pictures of Mystery Goodie Box #3 - What I received!

Oooohhhh......aaahhhh.............cool!.................yes................ These are the sounds of a lucky person opening up one of Close to my Heart's fabulous 50% off Mystery Goodie Boxes! These boxes are just chock full of wonderful goodies and they are such a great deal!
Mystery Box #3 was $220 worth of product for just $100 and $8 in shipping. Here is what I found on my doorstep in my favorite white box
Stamp sets:
D1327 Just Because Stamp Set (from the card kit special that sold out) - $22.95
D1196 Floral Elements Stamp Set (only repeat item I received in all the boxes) - $22.95
C1221 Choo Choo Train Stamp Set - $18.95
C1245 Oh Christmas Tree (I wanted that snowman!) - $18.95
B1071 Playful Numbers - $13.95
Designer Ribbon Rounds Holiday Collection - $9.95
Designer Ribbon Rounds Hollyhock Collection - $9.95
Consultant Bulk Black Floral Grosgrain Ribbon (matches Silhouette 12 yards) - $12.95
My Accents Tube Cranberry (Yes!) - $12.95
My Accents Tube Autumn Terracotta (Yes!) - $12.95
Topiary Eyelets (Jar of 100) -$3.95
Bookplates Dimensional Elements (one of my favorites!) - $4.95
6x6 White Daisy Leather Album (I think I'll do an anniversary gift with this one!) - $22.95
6x6 Matte Album Page Protectors - $3.50
Paper and Stickease:
Just Chillin' Level 1 (old style with page protectors included) - $10.95
Laid Back Level 2 (whoo-hoo perfect for summertime!) - $12.95
Key to my Heart Level 2 (paper from our speciall in January) - $12.95
School Zone Level 2 - $12.95
School Zone Stickease (4 sheets) - $8.95

Grand Total Retail Value: $250.60!
Shipping at 7.95%: $19.92
Tax at my 8.6% rate: $23.26
Total I would have to spend to get it at retail: $293.78

Deal of the Day:
What I spent: $100
Shipping: $8.00
Tax: $9.29
Grand Total I spent: $117.29


Thursday, June 18, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day - 6x6 Chipboard Accordian Album June 18th / CTMH 6x6 Chipboard Accordian Gift Album for Mother's Day

The Deal of the Day from Close to my Heart is a 6x6 chipboard accordian album ($3.95 value!) FREE with any Acrylix stamp set purchase! Above is the full 6x6 Chipboard album I showed a glimpse of in a previous post. I made this one for my Mom last year for Mother's Day.
Quick post this morning but hopefully I'll be back on later today!

CTMH Mystery Goodie Box #3 is on its way - pictures coming soon!

Mystery Goodie Box #3 will be here today! I can't wait to open up a box stacked full of CTMH product that I got for just $100! I'll post pictures as soon as I can!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day FREE Craft Jars for June 17th

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Wednesday, 17th June is a free set of 6 Craft Jars ($3.50 value) with any Acrylix stamp set purchase!

These little jars have screw on lids and fit in our Accents Organizer which is a very handy item! I love being able to open up my Accents Organizer and seeing at a glance the huge variety of brads, picture hangers, edge anchors, hinges and mini medleys I can use on my projects. Our metal embellishments are such a good deal! Take our Cottage Edge Anchors for an example - for $5.95 you get 24 color matched specialty fasteners (2 each in the flower, circle and photo corner in each of the 4 colors) all with matching brads! That is just .25 cents per embellishment with matching brads but if you want to stretch these further you can break them in half at the hinge joint and use some additional brads and get .25 for two embellishements! Love these sweet little accents!
These little craft jars also work great with our re-inkers for custom dying! Simply put some re-inker into the jar with a bit of water and you can custom dye paper flowers, sassy strands, ribbon, embroidery floss, etc. Once you have the item dyed just take it out and let it dry on a paper towel!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day Tuesday, 16 June - Mystery Goodie Box 54% OFF!

Whoo-hoo! Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Tuesday, 16th June is Mystery Goodie Box #3 (of 6)!
Today's box is filled with $220 worth of goodies for just $100 with reduced shipping of just $8 - FANTABULOUS! If you check out my posts of the first two boxes you'll see the boxes actually have even more goodies than they say they will! This offer is good until 7AM Pacific Time on Wed. 17th June or until supplies run out so grab your box quickly ladies!
***Click HERE to shop my site now!***
Remember, each of the 6 days of boxes (3 down and 3 to go) have a different product focus so you can get a box on EVERY DAY and not get repeats! Order with a friend - even on the same day there are variations in what you get which makes swapping with friends even more fun! Best of all, if you order a box through me you'll be invited to a special SWAP AND CROP PARTY in July where you can swap items you may already have or just weren't your cup of tea with other lucky box owners! Its sure to be a fun party!
These boxes are so much fun to get and a terrific deal! What has impressed me the most is the variety of items - there have been kits, paper packs, embellishments, dimensional elements, page protectors, B, C and D size stamp sets, Acrylix blocks and more in these boxes! You can have a whole summer of crafting fun from these incredibly discounted boxes so give yourself and your check book a gift and get one today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

CTMH Deal of the Day Mon. June 15th Designer Ribbon Rounds Ricrac Collection FREE

Close to my Heart's Deal of the Day for Monday, 15th June is a FREE Designer Ribbon Round Ricrac Collection ($9.95 value!) for free with any A,B,C,D or E size Acrylix stamp set purchase!
Ricrac is such a fun element to add to any card, project or layout. You can use it for stems on a flower, edging on a card, tie off a knot at the top of a bookmark, etc. What I like about ricrac is that you only have to make one knot in it - the zigzag of the ricrac keeps knots from coming undone so embellishing with it is a snap!
Above is an altered paint can I made with Boom-Di-Ada Creative Basics kit and the adorable "Cottage Floral" B size $13.95 stamp set! This is a very versatile stamp and one of my favorite florals. Pair it up with our Deal of the Day and you've got a terrific deal! There is Hollyhock ricrac around the belly of the can as well as in the groove at the top of the paint can. Love the ruffley look!
As mentioned in a previous post, I like to use Tombow on the back of my ricrac rubbing off the excess adhesive but you can also use glue dots to adhere and also liquid glass. One tip I received from another consultant is to put a little liquid glass on the area you want to adhere the ricrac to then put a little on the back of your ricrac. If you go lightly the "glue to glue" bond of the liquid glass will keep the ricrac on without soaking through your ricrac. Give it a try on a piece of scrap and let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

For me? Awww, thanks!

I received this award today from Dawn over at Dawn's Craft Place - she is also listed in My CTMH Sisters sidebar on the right! What a nice surprise on a Sunday morning to receive this beautiful award to add to my blog! I've been having an absolute blast figuring out this whole blogging, Twitter, Facebook thing. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself. I try to live my life so that I'm constantly working on some aspect of self improvement and making my little corner of the world a better and more beautiful place to live. I'm happy to share my corner and thankful that others are enjoying it as much as I am!

The rules of this award are:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog along with a link to the person who gave it to you.

2. Pass the award on to 5 other blogs you've recently discovered. Leave a message on their blog so they know they've won an award.






Thanks ladies for sharing yourselves with all of us!

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